Notice of Selecting Excellent Visiting Students to University of Oxford


Basic information

Since 2016, University of Oxford launched the visiting student project which is open to several top universities in China, and will select 14 students from the suggested list by 8 to 10 universities in 2017.


1.Number of acceptance: 14 undergraduate students from top universities in China

1) Mansfield College: 4;

2) Pembroke College: 4;

3) Regent' s Park College: 2;

4) Worcester College: 4;


2.Accepting majors include:

1) Mansfield College: Economics, English, Finance, Geography, History, Human Sciences, Management, Oriental Studies, Philosophy, Politics, Statistics, Theology and Religion, Classics, Music and History of Art.

2) Pembroke College: Biochemistry, Biological Sciences, Chemistry, Economics, English, English & Modern Languages, History, History & Economics, History & English, History & Modern Languages, History & Politics, Law, Mathematics, Maths & Philosophy, Modern Languages, Oriental Studies (Arabic, Islamic Studies), Oriental Studies (Japanese, Chinese), Philosophy, Philosophy & Modern Languages, Politics, PPE, PPL, Psychology, Theology.


3) Regent’s Park College: English, Classics, Geography, History, Philosophy, Theology and Religion, Politics, International Relations, Economics, History of Art, Mathematics.


4) Worcester College: Economics, Philosophy, Maths, Politics, English, Classics, Computer Science, and British history, and Business.


3.Visiting Period: 1 academic year/ 3 semesters (from October, 2017 to August, 2018) or 2 semesters (from January to June, 2018)

P.S: one academic year students will be preferred


4. Expenses

1)Mansfield College:

1 academic year/3 semesters: tuition fee is 23768, accommodation fee is 5007;

2 semesters: tuition fee is 17553, accommodation fee is 3697;


2)Pembroke College:

1 academic year/3 semesters: tuition fee is 27747 (there might be a possibility of 3% floating in 2017/18), accommodation fee is 3966 (basic basin room, 2015/16 reference price) or 5301 (en-suite room2015/16 reference price), facility fee is 348 (2015/16 reference price) ;


3)Regent’s Park College:

1 academic year/ 3 semesters: total fee is 24000

2 semesters: total fee is 16200, management fee is 400 every semester;


4)Worcester College:

1st semester: total fee is 11240 (excluding accommodation fee of September in 2017) ;

2nd and 3rd semester: total fee is 19301 (excluding accommodation fee of Easter Day Holiday) ;


Tips: as a top school, the project provided by University of Oxford is with high specification level and keen competition. In order to encourage excellent students to take part in the project, XMU decides to offer support to students who are finally admitted which is as follow:

1) 1 academic year/ 3 semesters: RMB 100000 and a round trip economy class ticket.

2) 2 semesters: RMB 80000 and a round trip economy class ticket.


5.Selection requirements

1) Undergraduate students

2) Academic credit with GPA is above 3.7

3) Strong ability in English, with IELTS overall band score is above 7 (with every single score higher than 7), or TOEFL overall band score is above 110 (with following minimum requirements: listening 22, reading 24, speaking 25, writing 24) ;

4) Excellent comprehensive performance, healthy, easily adaptive to new environment;

5) Economic affordability

6. Selection process: recommended by Xiamen University (3-4 students) ; examined and verified by Oxford University; and finally comes out the nominees;

7. Application documents (all in English)

1) Photocopy of IELTS or TOEFL certificate;

2) Personal statement;

3) Sample of recently completed written work;

4) Two academic references;

5) An up-to-date academic transcript;

6) Application form;

7) A recent photograph;

8. Application deadline: January 10th, 2017


Application information in campus

1. Grade: Year 2 and Year 3 undergraduate students

2. Details: personal application; recommended by colleges (1-2 students for every college); recommended by school; 3-4 candidates for final competition;


3. Application documents

1) Photocopy of IELTS or TOEFL certificate;

2) A personal statement (English);

3) A sample of recently completed written work (English);

4) An up-to-date academic transcript (English);

5) Application form for Xiamen University students to go abroad;

6) Receipt from college;


4. Application process in school

1) Submit application form to college before December 22nd; materials of recommended students and receipts with college stamps will be delivered to International Office (paper materials should be in three copies, scanned to;

2) Interviewed by International Office, Dean's Office and Students Affairs Office before December 27th;

3) Students recommended by school should send materials to before January 8th

4) International Office should submit materials of students nominated to Oxford University;


5. Attention

1) Students meeting requirements should apply to college, recommendation list and materials will be submitted to International College; students are not allowed to apply directly to school;

2) College should select students strictly; places exceed limit will be declined by International Office;

3) Documents should be delivered within stated period;

4) Final list is determined by Oxford University;

5) More details could be found in appendix