“Unforgettable friendship, stepping forward together”——The chairman’ s meeting of Alumni Association of International College is in process


With detailed preparation, at 2:40 pm on January 7th ,2017, the chairman’ s meeting of Alumni Association of International College is finally held in the conference room of unit 1808 at Building 18 of Xiamen Wealth Center. Mr. Yu Peizhong, the chairman, several enthusiastic alumni representatives and teachers from the Office of International College and Student Affair’s Office were attendant.


The chairman’s meeting

High of the agenda is to discuss the duty of chairman, executive vice chairman, vice chairman, secretary general, and vice secretary chairman, and the allocation of daily work to association members; discuss and affirm rules of alumni association; discuss whether to establish an alumni fund; establish a subscription of Alumni Association of International College and determine certain columns and contents; verify the date that alumni return school; determine the specific date of election (the information will be available to public).

The meeting was hold by secretary general of the alumni association, Fang Yuan, who is from Grade 2007. Mr. Yu Peizhong gave a brief introduction to the recent development and operation situation. He also pointed out that in order to better develop our association and play a good role of communication, we need to make alumni aware of the importance of the association, strengthen our great sense of integration. We hope that every member can combine their personal work with group objectives, always be ready to help, always be ready to sacrifice, and create a new space with our joint effort.

In the meeting, alumni attendant discussed heatedly around the work and future development of the association. After communicating, they came to the conclusion that we should collect information of all aspects, keep touch with alumni in any possible way and take good advantage of resources. With above all, they will optimize management, rules and structure, and hold alumni activities more frequently.


Voting by a show of hands

In addition, alumni attendant, voting by raising hands, agreed that Mr. Yu Peizhong to be the chairman of the alumni association, Zhang Yuan, Wang Mingliang, Zhang Zihan and Huang Gang to be executive vice chairman, Huang Xiaoze, Chen Qisheng, Liao Yuxing, Zheng Qirong, Yu Yongqiang, Zheng Xiaojiang, Lin Feng, Wu Chunlei and Lin Kai to be vice chairman, Fang Yuan to be secretary general, Zhuang Jinglan, Zhang Huichen, Huang Guanrong, Zheng Yibin, Liu Siran and Cai Zimin to be vice secretary general, Zheng Xiaojiang to be Director of Foreign Liaison Department, Dai Yu to be chief supervisor, Jiang Zhenxing and Gong Shuli to be supervisor. They all approved the decision to hold alumni activities and general election in May this year.

This meeting strengthened the sense of integration of alumni, encouraged everyone’s passion and confidence to work harder, and raised alumni’ awareness of the importance of our association. It summarized alumni’ work from all aspect to praise and criticize and made the future direction more clear.


It is reported that there are already more than 3000 students from different grades going abroad to study in cooperative schools in foreign countries all over the world such as Britain, USA, Japan and Australia, and gain undergraduate degrees or master degrees. Several excellent graduates are now studying in tops schools such as Oxford University, Southampton University, Columbia University and the Australian National University. More than 1000 graduates have returned back to China and entered financial investment institutions, accounting firms, multinational business and government affiliated institutions. Some of them are self-employed, involved with finance, investment, Internet, new energy and etc.