Mr. Lin Ronglin, President of HUTCHISON RUNHUA in Shenzhen was hired as visiting professor of International College, Xiamen University


On 30th December, the president of HUTCHISON RUNHUA in Shenzhen, Mr. Lin Ronglin, was invited and employed as visiting professor of International College/Overseas Education College, Xiamen University. The ceremony was held in Room B509 of Kunluan Building. Dean Prof. Zheng Tongtao awarded the appointment letter to President Lin Ronglin and bestowed school badge.

Mr. Lin Ronglin is now employed as the vice chairman of Alumni Association of Xiamen University in Shenzhen, executive director of China Association for Promotion of Science and Technology and Finance, standing vice president of Huaqiang North Chamber of Commerce, vice chairman of Shenzhen Chamber of Commerce for Import and Export, vice chairman of Qiankeng Chamber of Commerce, vice chairman of China Futian Enterprise Confederation, vice chairman of Shenzhen Association of Trade in Service, etc.

From August, 1991 to October, 2004, Mr. Lin Ronglin was served as project manager, general foreman, deputy project manager, project director, minister of operations, etc, in China Construction Third Engineering Bureau the Second Construction and Installation Co., Ltd. From October, 2004 to May, 2008, Mr. Lin Ronglin was served as vice general manager in Hubei ZHONGHONG Construction and Installation Engineering Co., Ltd. From May, 2008 until now, Mr. Lin Ronglin was served as the president of HUTCHISON RUNHUA in Shenzhen. He created QIANHAI Golden Internet Financial Services in 2013 and World Trade E-Commerce Trade in Services in 2015.

Dean Zheng Tongtao awarded the appointment letter to Mr. Lin Ronglin

On the appointment ceremony, Dean Zheng Tongtao introduced that Mr. Lin Ronglin gained abundant senior management experience from his years of struggle, having a deep extraordinary understanding of the development of the financial electronics and e-commerce trade. Dean Zheng pointed out that the joining of Mr. Lin Ronglin is a quite precious resource for students majoring in finance, accounting and international trade and overseas students. From now on, students in International College can not only learn practical trading experience from Mr. Lin, but also obtain many opportunities of internship and working.

Mr. Lin said that he was very glad to get such a chance to share his success and failure with students. It’s his lifelong dream. E-commerce in China was the fastest developed trade field in the past ten years. Shenzhen is a field of innovative development, the second largest gathering place of listed companies ranked following Silicon Valley of USA, with 358 companies settled here. Now, his team has established 97 angel investment companies, with three of them expected to listing in 2 to 3 years. Mr. Lin sincerely reminded students that it’s no good to be fickle. The key to success is to be a steady entrepreneur. The e-commerce platform ‘world way, global mall’ that has been established recent years, is a completely new service trade platform. The trade volume has exceeded 10 billion. He wished that students in our college can join this platform and help the development of small and medium enterprises.

Vice Dean of International College/Overseas Education College Ms. Huang Guanhua, Ms. Fu Wanli, deputy party secretary Wang Yi, deputy party secretary Wu Weiping, and director of the Office Huang Chen  attended on the appointment ceremony.