The Belt and Road Special fund is helping with the education and culture


On the morning of December 23, ‘Belt and Road initiative’ special fund of China Cultural Heritage Foundation signed memorandum of cooperation with International College/Overseas Education College. On the signing ceremony, director Wu Guoyang of ‘Belt and Road initiative’ special fund and dean of International College/Overseas Education College professor Zheng Tongtao launched the ‘Belt and Road Initiative Sinology Cultural Center’ together.

According to the memorandum of cooperation, both sides would make their efforts to help push the development of education and culture, on the foundation of ‘Belt and Road Initiative Sinology Cultural Center’, cooperating with relevant state ministries and agencies, established Sinology Sub-center in the countries along the Road. They previously decided to cooperate with universities and cultural institutions in Pakistan, Malaysia, France, Philippines, Cambodia, etc, and establish sinology sub-center. Meanwhile, they will cooperate with relevant state ministries and commissions to create ‘Belt and Road Initial’ intangible heritage culture database, set up ‘Belt and Road Initial’ intangible cultural heritage protection work committee, and conduct training about protecting, inheriting and spreading intangible heritage culture, including the discovery, protecting, and promotion of intangible heritage culture and training of relevant investment tourism projects.

The signing ceremony

The opening ceremony

For a long time, International College/Overseas Education College have cultivated tens of thousands of qualified specialists in mathematical physics, Chinese Medicine, Chinese, etc, and attracted numerous students from all over the world to study in China, providing intelligence and talents support. On that ceremony, director Wu Guoyang expressed that they hold the opening theory of sharing and corresponding, aiming at pushing the transformation from culture to morale among countries along the Road. Professor Zheng Tongtao said that this opportunity bring new energy to the development of our college. The establishment of the center is of great importance to the exchange of language and culture, and meets the learning demand of Chinese and Chinese culture for countries along the Road.

In April, 2017, International College/Overseas Education College is going to hold ‘Belt and Road Initial Economic and Trade Cooperation and Personnel Training Forum’, discussing how to set up the ‘Belt and Road Initial’ community of education and the pattern and mechanism of Sino-foreign educational cooperation with experts home and abroad, which is in order to push the development of education and economy at the same time and provide qualified specialists for ‘Belt and Road Initial’ economic construction. Meanwhile, our college will launch the constructing of ‘Belt and Road Initial’ international education platform, satisfying demands of education for countries among countries along the Road, looking for the best position to cooperate Sino-foreign education. It’s good to correspond and learn from each other, share superior education resource and improve the ability of providing service.

Accordingly, China Cultural Heritage Foundation was founded on 10th December, 2007. This foundation is aimed at protecting World Cultural Heritage and China’s Cultural Heritage, in order to wake up people’s awareness of protection and inheriting. It’s the first national social organization in the field of protecting cultural heritage to serve in the form of raising fund publicly. Holding the theory of ‘culture-leading’, the foundation pushes the protection and inheriting of cultural heritage and diversity development of world culture. The strategy committee, which is designed for ‘Belt and Road Initial’, is meant to improve the strategic research of international education culture cooperation and corresponding, providing think tank for the implement and execution of ‘Belt and Road Initial’.

Relevant heads from the office and liaison department of ‘Belt and Road initiative’ special fund of China Cultural Heritage Foundation, Chinese representatives An Hong from University of Karachi in Pakistan, and more than 200 students and teachers from International College/Overseas Education College all witnessed the signing and opening ceremony.