Cardiff Metropolitan University held internal language test in International College


On March 6th ,2017, senior international marketing officer, Mayble Miao from Cardiff Metropolitan University visited international college and held internal language test for year 3 students of SQA HND programme. The examination form was online test and arranged in Room A404, Building 4. In total, 31 students from major of global trade, financial services, business accounting, hospitality management, took part in this test.

Holding the internal language test could make students more easily take the English language assessment by UK University. Meanwhile, students can use this test results rather than IELTS to apply for offer from Cardiff Metropolitan University. If students could fulfill academic admission requirement in the language test, they can directly take the academic courses then.

For students who are about to continue their undergraduate degree study in cooperative institutions in autumn this year. After series of preparation, they have now entered the stage where they have to decide which university to study and apply for. In March, Center Queensland University in Australia and Birmingham City University in UK will also visit international college to hold language test. We hope that students can cherish these opportunities, pass the language test, meet the requirement of CAS and visa, and finally get further education abroad.

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Cardiff Metropolitan University established in 1865, located in the city center of Cardiff, the capital of Wales, which is one of the elites in the University of Wales Alliance. University of Wales Alliance is the international famous university which consists of several Wales colleges with UK royal background, the second largest union university in UK ranked after University of London. It has a good reputation just like the Russel Group in UK, the Ivy League in USA and Australian Five-star Elite.

Cardiff Metropolitan University is in the first batch of UK public universities that have been approved by China’s Ministry of Education and at the same time a member of CSCSE. The present honorary chairman is the Prince Charles of England, also the Prince of Welsh.

In 2005, Cardiff Metropolitan University ranked 45 in the comprehensive ranking of the Guardian in England, created the best place ever. In 2008, Cardiff Metropolitan University ranked 7 in the Research Assessment Exercise (RAE) among new universities in England. In 2014, it ranked 41 in the Ranking of England Universities and Institutions (originated from the RAE ranking). In May, 2015, it ranked 19 among 151 universities in the Ranking of the Most Sustainable Universities in England. In 2016, it was awarded with the Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II Prize of England for outstanding contribution to tertiary education.