The delegation of Birmingham City University visited International college


Earlier this year, the International College organized a three-week teacher-training session at the Birmingham City University. Followed on March 31, Gabriel Ceballos, deputy director of International Office, Ms. Sarah Travis, director of international admissions and development, faculty of law and social sciences and art design media, Peipei Yu, Senior International Cooperation Officer of International Office, Cindy Millman, associate professor of business school, Aaron Ji, BCU China Office regional development officer / school representative, visited the International College. The BCU delegation hoped that this visit would be able to collect feedback from our teachers' participation in training and further cooperation with our college to promote communication and interaction between the two schools.

BCU Symposium


Professor Zheng Tongtao, dean of Overseas Education / International College, and vice president Lv Zixuan received the delegation of BCU in conference room B509 in the Kunluan Building. Yang Shuai, leader of the professional teaching and research team, Liu Jiali, lecturer of the professional teaching and research team, Wang Roujie and Lv Dongru, lecturers of English teaching and research team, as well as Lin Shihan, teacher of art teaching and research team, participated in the discussion. Prof. Zheng welcomed the visit of the BCU delegation and briefly introduced the history, characteristics and international development strategy of the International College. Mr. Gabriel Ceballos, deputy director of BCU International, reviewed the recent cooperation between Birmingham City University and our college in business and art, introduced the advantages of the school and the development of students, and expressed the hope that with the college to carry out more extensive cooperation and exchange. Ms. Sarah Travis, director of International Admissions and Development at the Faculty of Law and Social Sciences and the Department of Art Design Media, focused on the specialty of jewelry management, hoping to attract more students' interest. Peipei Yu, Senior International Partner of International office introduced the summer course at Birmingham City University, hoping to help students who are interested in BCU experience and adapt to the BCU learning environment. Associate Professor of Business School Cindy Millman, BCU China Office Regional Development Officer / School Representative Aaron Ji came to the classroom to give lectures to students of our financial profession, and introduced the basic situation of the school and the teaching content of the financial profession.

BCU lecture


ACCA (2 + 2), CIMA (1 + 2 + 1) and other projects were co-operated on the basis of cooperation in English teaching, co-construction of language measurement center, and expansion of business and management courses in business schools. After the serious discussion, the BCU delegation, accompanied by Zheng Yichang, visited the teaching halls, libraries and classrooms of the International College.