Delegation of Shizuoka Sangyo University from Japan Visited International College


On April 25th and 26th, delegation of Shizuoka Sangyo University from Japan dropped a visit to International College, holding entrance examination and exchanging opinions with leaders in International College about updating memorandum of cooperation between two parties and matters concerned dispatching teachers. President of Information College Prof. Horikawa Chihiro, Prof. Sano Norihide, Prof. Li-Hua Ke, Prof. Kazumi Sato from Institution of Management, Prof. Liu Zhihong, section supervisor of International Affairs Terada Naoki and Mr. Kato Kazuo are all members in Japan delegation.


Meeting between delegation and program students

In the afternoon of April 25th, the delegation visited year 1 students of Sino-Japanese program and had a meeting in the conference room A401 of Kunluan Building. On the meeting, section supervisor of International Affairs Terada Naoki gave an introduction of Shizuoka Sangyo University and recent situation of students who is now studying in Japan. Mr. Kato Kazuo said that there are many international big enterprises in Shizuoka-ken, such as Yamaha in Iwata and ICG in Fujieda. Its manufacture ranks top 2 in Japan. Shizuoka Sangyo University is open to exchange students from our school to visit and study there, with goal of expanding their international field of vision. Prof. Sano Norihide, Prof. Li-Hua Ke, and Prof. Kazumi Sato introduced separately situation and majors of each college and took an active part in answering questions in details about study, scholarship and oversea student management policy, etc.

Entrance Examination- written part

On April 26th, year 2 students in Sino-Japanese program took the entrance exam of Shizuoka Sangyo University. This exam consists of written part and interview. At 10 o’clock in the morning, they took the written exam first in B404 of Kunluan Building. Then at 13:30, they were divided into 2 groups and interviewed separately in B502-2 and B209. Every student got 15 minutes to introduce themselves and explain their plan to study in Japan. During the interview, their great fluency in Japanese and decent behavior were universally praised by teachers from Japan.

Photo for the entrance examination

In the afternoon of 26th, president of International college Prof. Zheng Tongtao, vice president Huang Guanhua and the delegation from Shizuoka Sangyo University discussed issue about updating memorandum of cooperation between two parties and matters concerned dispatching teachers. Our director of office teacher Huang Chen, Lv Zixuan, Japanese Major lecturer Yan Sa, Yu Yan, Project Department teacher Su Jing, Shang ying also attended the meeting. President Zheng expressed warm welcome to Japanese delegation. Considering ten years of cooperating history between two parties, we hope to strengthen cooperation and make improvements, achieving the goal of establishing ‘University cooperation project between China and Japan’ within 5 years. Teachers from Shizuoka Sangyo University put forward the idea of dispatching exchange teachers. President Zheng agreed on this suggestion. Through this method, teachers can study and have a further understanding of teaching conditions, requirements and method of Shizuoka Sangyo University. With this experience, teachers can adopt a more targeted teaching and guiding method. At the same time, teaching quality can be improved greatly, ensuring smoothness of undertaking this project. In addition, both parties can organize activities where Chinese students can visit university in advance and see their future environment during vacation.

Meeting between two parties

After two days of communication, two parties gained further mutual understanding, further promoting the development of this Sino Japanese program. The program was established in 2007 with first batch of exchange students visiting Japan in 2009. Up to last year, there have been more than 100 students studying in Japan through this program. Lots of graduates chose to stay and work in Japan, or get their master degree in famous Japan universities such as J.F.Oberlin University and University of Hyogo, etc, which gains a good reputation in society.