All efforts are worth it


Alumni:< Zheng Wenxue, graduated from Fujian Lanping No.1 High school and entered the International College of Xiamen University in 2009,major in accounting. In 2011, she continued her last-year bachelor degree in University of the West of England, Bristol, majoring in Accounting and Finance.>

University of the West of England is the university where I was studying in the UK. Bristol is a quiet and beautiful city and the University of the West of England gathers a large number of international students from all over the world. However, most of the students are local British students therefore Language has become the biggest obstacle between the international student and local students. Coupled with large cultural differences between countries, international students are difficult to be involved in British students' life circle which requires us to be more open-minded and brave to communicate with students of various countries.

After going abroad, I seized every opportunity to communicate with the British. The best gain is that I am able to understand the culture of different countries, improve my spoken English and listening. If you eager to communicate with foreign friends much easier, you need to spend time adapting to the local accent and the foreign lifestyle. For the Chinese students who plan to study, they are required to well prepare to face the unknown possibilities and the cultural conflict. When our efforts are rewarded, we will find that all the pay is worth it.