Education in the Xiamen University helps me lay a solid foundation for studying abroad


Alumni: <Yu Ruowen, 2011 session Bachelor of Arts program of Southampton, entered the International College of Xiamen University in 2011 and kept pursuing his last two years' bachelor degree in the University of Southampton in June of this year >


Illustration works 《RAN》 was awarded the 2011 Fire Phoenix Cup fourth National Art and Design Award of excellence

2011 Poster works won the Chinese University Students' Art Works Yearbook

2012 Participated in the National Wide Competition Nanjing Youth Olympic Games, thematic design of mascot and won the third prize; won the Excellence Award of poster group (see above); 

2012 Participated in to commemorate the 30 anniversary of the founding of the China fashion color Association academic paper solicitation activity  and published the paper 《color harmony – to explore the connection of the five flavors and color 》 , won the excellent paper and published by the national regular press , 《Fashion color》《Color China》 and the China Fashion Color Association website published in the media. The paper set is included in Chinese important conference papers CNKI full-text database .

2013 Participated in the annual publication of the 《Chinese design creative Yearbook and works set 》 and won the annual gold award.

Q: During your study in the International College, you won a lot of awards? What are the effects of these competitions on you?

Yu: Yes. I study graphic design, and the teachers of the International College always encourage us to participate in the different competitions to gain more experience. There will be no good work if you are afraid of stepping out of your comfort zone. We finish our work with the tutorial and the discussion. Last year, although we just won the third prize for the Competition of Nanjing Youth Olympic Games, thematic design of mascot, but we still learnt a lot from the competition and broaden our horizon with a better understanding of our own abilities and shortcomings

Q: Can you share with us your unforgettable experiences of studying in the International College?

Yu: Zeng Shufan teacher tutored us for the competition is the most unforgettable experience to me during the study in the International College. Zeng instructed us to strictly treat our own work with the highest standards and keep learning the master works. The pursuit of perfection, never give up. Learn to be inspired through the brainstorming, mind mapping. Wang Xiangmin teacher used to tutor students with a concept of Japanese-style spirit life deeply touched me. 

Q:  You enter the ideal university, what experience you can share with our students?

Yu: First of all, focus on the accumulation of study and pay attention to details. For students who want to apply for art design program, sketchbook& portfolio is critical for the interview application. Make sure everything is recorded and well-organized. Secondly, try to be open-minded, abandon the traditional Chinese art education dogmatism, observe life, and think carefully about the basic concepts of art and design. Massive reading is also important. Set up your own aesthetic create in a more free way. Lastly, you have to make great efforts to improve your English.

Q: What is your expectation of studying abroad?

Yu: Studying abroad is a good opportunity for me to change the environment and see the world. We have to work hard and face all possible challenges. Work hard, apply for the scholarships and pursue a master degree in the UK.