Gains and losses of studying abroad


Alumni:<He Yunyue, entered the International College of Xiamen University in 2008 and pursued his bachelor degree in the Shizuoka Sangyo University in 2010.>

Applying for the general domestic undergraduate universities is my only way because of my college entrance examination results. In order to change the situation, I decided to study abroad. I choose Japan because of its geography and customs are similar to China. Meanwhile, the Xiamen University has a good view and studying atmosphere, so I made up my mind to participate in the Sino-Japanese cooperative program of the International College.

My Chinese friends who stay in Japan often told me that they envy us because we enable to study in Japan but still have learning experience in domestic universities. The decision that I made to join the Sino-Japanese project of the International College is quite right. I can enjoy the first two years' campus life in the Xiamen University, the vast campus, four student dormitories, counselors, hundred people canteen, cheap take-away and so on. Still, I am able to experience studying in Japan for next two years that the domestic students cannot feel.

Speaking of studying in Japan, you will be impressed by the Japan's harmonious social atmosphere and great learning environment. Japanese students work harder than your imagination. They spend a lot of time working part-time instead of staying in the dorm without doing anything. Besides, Japanese schools often organize students to participate in various activities

Finally, I just want to say is that there will be gains and losses once you choose to study abroad,. Families and friends, your sweet home, delicious Chinese food will all be away from you, but similarly you will gain more and you need to experience it by yourself.