The selection of 2016-2017 spring semester North America intercollegiate exchange program


To all colleges:
In order to serve the university’s international strategy and encourage more excellent students to go abroad for overseas exchange. 2016-2017 spring semester North America exchange program selection is about to start. The election requirements are listed down below:

一、Selection objects:

1. Applicants should be the registered sophomores, juniors undergraduates or postgraduates. Specific requirements refer to the program schedule. If the applicants are postgraduates, need college and teacher's consent.
 2. Outstanding academic records; all-round development of morality, intelligence and physique; high comprehensive quality
 3.Applicants must participate in different kinds of social activities, have ability of organization, communication and be able to adapt to the new environment.
 4. Have ability to cover the return flight ticket, living cost, insurance and other fees.

二、Selection procedures
 1. Qualified students can apply in their colleges and college offer the recommendation list to the International Office after selection. Individual application is not accepted.
 2. Staff of the International Office will be in charge of the application assessment. If the English results or GPA don’t meet the requirements, the office will reject the application. Qualified applicants are required for a interview.

三、Documents checklist:

1. Application form for overseas exchange program;
 2.Transcript (must be sealed and indicated the ranking of professional achievements)

 3. Relevant evidence of language ability;

Please submit the above materials x 3(one original document,two copies)for interview and prepare a original document of transcript in case the exchange university needs it for selection.

四、Application Deadline

Please send the materials and college receipt to Mrs Lin (International office 809) before 17:30 in September, 18th. College receipt should be sent to as well


Application form for XMU overseas exchange program:
 College receipt
 Program information, schedule and factsheet
see zip file of XMU 2016-2017 semester North America exchange program instructions &factsheet