The 14th top Germany enterprises summer camp registration of Dresden economic and Technical University


一、Basic Information

14thtop German enterprises summer camp

The 14th German top enterprises summer   camp will further involve Volkswagen, BMW super factory, Porsche meritorious   Museum, and Marx - Planck test track; General Research Institute, the first   industrial software of the world SAP, hundred-year German Energy Company   Management Forum; listen to former executives of Bentley and several professors   of German universities; communicate with the world industry leaders to help   fine the correct direction of occupation. Directly communicate with college   admissions director after class to learn how to get free tuition for the   German universities as soon as possible. A short trip to Berlin, Prague and   the town of wheat at weekends for a relaxing vacation.

Application Website

Homepage of Dresden economic and   Technical University China Center:

Application Deadline

April 22, 2016(better   have personal passport before April 30th;

Application Duration

July 31, 2016~August 11, 2016 (may have a   slight adjustment based on actual situation);


Schedule may adjust according to the   actual situation. If changes incur, will be replaced by other activities   instead of, total stroke remains the same;


The total cost is 1780 euros (equivalent   to about 12900 yuan in March 2016). Pay the full cost after arriving in   Germany. Costs include: study, activities, business visits, lunch,   accommodation, transportation during the stay in Dresden

Cost excludes: the dinner costs, personal   consumption, round-trip international air tickets, international travel   insurance, visa and other required fees paid to the relevant agencies;;

Application Requirements

1. Students who are studying in   universities. Independence, team spirit, English or German communication   skills are required;

2. Excellent spoken English and   writing skills

3. Actively participate in the early   stage of the online training, willing to share their thoughts on the journey

4. Outstanding academic performance;   all-round development of morality, intelligence and physique; high   comprehensive quality

5. Actively participate in different   kinds of social activities, have ability of organization, communication and   be able to adapt to the new environment

Program Arrangement

Refer to the homepage of Dresden economic   and Technical University China Center:


1.This summer camp is the official   academic invitation from Dresden economic and Technical University, rather   than travel tours.  Our school does not   provide any other services in addition to learning and visiting activities;

2 According to the number of participants   and reservations, students are randomly assigned into 2-4 room. Extra 120   euros is required for a single room. Air conditioning service is not   guaranteed in summer due to the reasons for the European climate. German   hotel does not guarantee if there is a bathroom in each room;

3 Breakfast is provided. Lunch is a   standard main meal and a drink of the HTW student canteen (other please take   care of yourself) when activities are organized in the city of Dresden. You   have to deal with your dinner. (Berlin, Prague, Mai Sen lunch is simple meal   of restaurant);

4 Public transport or walk in Dresden   city; public transport for round-trip to Mai Sen; take a bus for round-trip   to Berlin and Prague.

5 please observe the local customs and   the German law, comply with traffic regulations and be responsible for your   behavior except for collective activities;

二、How to apply

Application Methods

Ø  Applicants must apply online

Ø  Once the online application   is completed, please pay attention to the admission results.


Teacher Fan

Tel:150 6232 3369


Internal Procedures

Ø   Submit application form to   the International office 808.(Jiageng main building)

Application form for XMU overseas   exchange program》

XMU overseas exchange program consent》

Ø  Register in the website of   the International Office, registration procedures please refer to:

Ø  Go through the formalities   before leaving school

Undergraduates:Go   through the formalities for a leave;

Postgraduates:   Go through the formalities before leaving school



Ø  Applicants are required to   voluntarily participate in the program, and obtain parental consent

Ø  Must be ready for passport   in advance and apply for a visa after the admission is confirmed.

Warm prompt:

1. Please read the attached program information before applying for program