Dean Zheng Tongtao visited Japan, established Cooperation with Daito Bunka University


In order to truly improve international management standards and further expand the cooperation and communication with Japan’s tertiary colleges and universities, on December 13th, dean of International College/Overseas Education College Prof. Zheng Tongtao and vice Dean Ms. Huang Guanhua, accompanied by Professor Chen Duanduan, leader of Japanese Research Group Lecturer Yan Sa and program supervisor Su Jing, visited Japan and signed a 2+2 undergraduate cooperative-cultivation education exchange cooperation memorandum with Daito Bunka University.


Meeting with Daito Bunka University


In November, 2015, vice president and director in International Center of Daito Bunka University Professor Jiro Naito, head of International Exchange Office Mr. Shimazaki Osamu and the director in charge of international affairs Professor Teh Sin Puay once dropped a visit to International/Overseas Education College to negotiate cooperation issues and at the end they honestly invited Dean Mr. Zheng to visit Japan and further developed two parties’ cooperation. Our visiting group was warmly welcomed by president of Daito Bunka University Professor Masao Ota and vice Dean Professor Jiro Naito and took a trip to the campus including teaching facilities and sports areas. They also exchanged opinions with director of department of Japanese Language and Chinese Language in faculty of Foreign Language graduate, and Affairs Section Chief of International Exchange Center on the implement of oversea students dispatching programs, master and doctor dual degrees cultivation mechanism and 2+2 undergraduate cooperative-cultivation with Xiamen University, especially with International College. Later, Prof. Zheng Tongtao signed the 2+2 undergraduate cooperative-cultivation education exchange cooperation memorandum with vice President of Daito Bunka University Professor Jiro Naito.


                                                                           Signing Ceremony

With the joint efforts of two universities, the cooperation memorandum of master and doctor dual degrees will soon be signed. Since Daito Bunka University established exchanges agreement with Xiamen University since April, 2014, every year both two parties dispatched exchange students and overseas students constantly, keeping close actions with each other. In other words, the signing of memorandum symbolized that Xiamen University and Daito Bunka University have stepped into a new phase in international cooperative management.

In recent years, number of students in International College choosing to study in Japan is increasing annually. Among all the programs, nearly 100 students in the 2+2 Sion-Japanese program have studied in Japan since launched in 2007. Lots of graduates went to the several famous schools in Japan such as J.F. Oberlin University, University of Hyogo and Aoyama Gakuin University to finish their master degrees. Students either chose to stay in Japan or went back China all have a decent development space. Dean Prof. Zheng Tongtao indicated that International College would further integrate resources, opened up cooperation programs and fields with Japanese tertiary schools increased the number of Japanese schools we would cooperate with and improved our international running standards.


Daito Bunka University grew out of Daito Bunka College, which was established in 1923 according to the decision of Japanese congress. The aim of this university is to teach, research and develop eastern culture centered by Sinology. The spirits of combining eastern and western culture and creating new culture have been passed down from generations to generations. Now, this university has 8 departments and large colleges have 6 research sections, with more than 13000 students in nationality study here. Among those students, the number of overseas students centered Asia is more than 600.