The 2018 enrollment summary conference of the Overseas Education College and the International College held successfully


On the morning of September 26, the 2018 enrollment summary conference of the Overseas Education College and the International college was held in conference room A104, Kun Luan House. Professor Tao, Dean of the two colleges, Ms. Huang Guanhua, Vice Dean in charge of recruiting and the enrollment teachers, who come from the enrollment Department of the International College, the enrollment Department of the overseas Education College, Overseas distance learning center and Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan and overseas Chinese joint examination cram school, attended the meeting.


The theme of the conference is to summarize the enrollment situation of the overseas Education college and the International College in 2018, to analyze the enrollment situation and to propose the target for the next year, thus to further promote the enrollment work of the college.

The enrollment departments actively speak in the meeting, sum up the achievements and problems in the enrollment work of this year from their own situation, and actively offer suggestions for the college enrollment work.


The international college enrollment department made a comprehensive summary of the international college enrollment work in 2018, and analyzed the overall situation of the new students this year, found the problems existing in the recruitment work, and put forward the direction of the next stage.


This year, the International College Dublin program plans to admit 180 students with  179 students registered actually. The independent project admitted 667 students with 486 students registered up to now. The number of new students has increased significantly compared with last year, indicating that the characteristics and the quality of talent training of international colleges have been recognized by the community.


The enrollment Department of the Overseas Education College analyzed the students’ data of 2016-2018 from the aspects of the total number of overseas freshmen, funding categories, the student number of each project type and the main source countries of each project, Up until September 25th, 659 new students were born, increased by 22.5 percent compared with 2017. The main source countries are Thailand, the United States, South Korea, Indonesia, Japan, the Philippines, Russia, the Netherlands and Turkey (arranged in number).


Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan Joint examination cram school and overseas distance Education department respectively reported the recruitment situation, the distribution of student resource, the enrollment measurements, and introduced the recruitment plan in the second half of 2018.


Vice President Huang Guanhua listened to the report of each enrollment department carefully and fully affirmed the achievements made in the recruitment work. He pointed out that although the enrollment situation of the college this year is encouraging, all enrollment departments should always set up a crisis consciousness and do well in the market analysis, besides they should also explore their own advantages, try to open up new ideas and practices and make early plans to implement enrollment arrangements.

President Tao, while praising the work of the college enrollment departments, thanked the teachers for their selfless devotion to the enrollment work, and at the same time put forward four requirements for the enrollment work: first, fully realize the significance of the enrollment work. The survival and development of the college is determined by the enrollment work, so it is necessary to strengthen the sense of crisis, to improve the sense of responsibility and mission to do the recruitment work well. Second, strengthen the cooperation between enrollment and teaching. Teaching quality is the core guarantee of recruitment. Third, we should strengthen the construction of connotation, pay close attention to teaching quality, and set up a good reputation for college enrollment. The weak projects should be supported, especially the undergraduate and master enrollment of overseas education colleges should be paid high attention to. Fourth, all kinds of resources should be used effectively. Strengthen the communication with college teachers, student volunteers, exchange students, understand the actual needs of students, optimize the propaganda and promotion program, establish a full participation, throughout the whole enrollment publicity system, and do a good job of recruiting students.