The Overseas Education College / International College Hold a meeting on the Arrangement of Teaching Work in the New term


On September 21, the Overseas Education College / International College held a conference for the new semester’s teaching arrangement in Kun Luan Building. Tao, President of the overseas education college / International college, Wang Yi, secretary of the Party Committee, Fu Wanli, vice president in charge of teaching, Wu Weiping, deputy secretary of the Party Committee and teachers and administrative assistants of both colleges attended the conference.


First of all, vice President Fu Wanli organized the teaching staff to conscientiously study the spirit of the national conference on undergraduate education in institutions of higher learning in the new era. On June 21, the national conference on undergraduate education in colleges and universities in the new era was held by the Ministry of Education at Sichuan University. It is the first national conference on undergraduate education in colleges and universities held in the past 40 years since reform and opening up. It is a conference for in-depth study and implementation of Xi Jinping’s idea of the Thought on Socialism with Chinese characteristics for the new era, and for the overall deployment of colleges and universities to implement the fundamental task of building up people by virtue. It is an all-around Congress that insists on taking this as the basis, pushing forward the four returns and constructing the first-class undergraduate education, which will have an important influence on the future development of higher education in our country.


Secretary Wang Yi emphasize the important exposition of General Secretary Xi Jinping has raised the ideological and political work in colleges and universities to an unprecedented level, and the whole college should fully realize the importance of ideological and political work in colleges and universities. Sino-foreign cooperative education is running under the leadership of the Party, the students it cultivates are socialist builders and successors with an international perspective. The college should further strengthen the ideological construction, build the four consciousness. Besides, it should strengthen the construction of the teacher ethics, regarding teacher ethics as the first standard of evaluating teachers, with strict implement of the one vote vote  of teacher ethics. In addition, strengthen ideological and political curriculum construction and the construction of the contingent of students are also the task of the college.


President Tao pointed out that China’s higher education, especially undergraduate education, has ushered in a new stage of development, which is a golden period for the both colleges. Both of them are based on teaching, and regard teaching as the lifeline and the foundation of the college. We should respect teaching rules, standardize teaching management, improve teaching conditions, innovate teaching ideas and methods, and further improve teaching quality so that teaching can really keep up with the development of the new era.


The staff of the colleges have carried out extensive and enthusiastic discussions on the actual work of both colleges, seriously reflecting on the problems and weak links in undergraduate education. Next, the two colleges will orient to problems, try to catch up with international first-class undergraduate education standards, make clear and implement the plan of revitalizing undergraduate education.