Dean Tao Visit 2018 Freshmen in Military Training


On September 20, professor Tao, dean of the international college went to the Second stage student apartment track and field training ground to express his sincere sympathy to the grade 2018 freshmen who are taking part in military training, accompanied with leaders of the college including assistant deans Ms. Huang Guanhua and Ms. Fu Wanli as well as deputy party secretary of Mr. Wu Weiping and so on.


On the training ground, the freshmen of the international college are training hard against the sun. The college leaders visited the students who were taking part in the military training, and asked the military trainers and counselors about the military training kindly. During the training break, the leaders, counselors and students of the Student Union distributed the cool drinks and other consolation items to every student and instructor, giving solicitude to the freshmen.


President Tao, on behalf of the party and government leading group of the International College, first expressed his heartfelt thanks to all the military training instructors and counselors who held their posts and strived in the front line of heat. He stressed that military training plays an important role in raising students' organizational awareness, arousing patriotic spirit, and enhancing awareness of national defense and discipline. He also encouraged the freshmen to cherish rare military training opportunities, devote themselves to military training, and strengthen their will and character. At the end of the speech, he wished this military training a complete success.


After Dean Tao's caring and expectant speech, the seniors from various student clubs brought wonderful performances of condolences to the freshmen in military training. The lively street dance performance of the hip hop dance club, the moving singing song of the senior from the choir, the Latin dance performance of the Sports Dance Association and the crosstalk performance of the Bole Crosstalk Society not only show the good qualities and colorful campus cultural life of the international students of Xiamen University, but also make the students in the military training feel the warmth of the International College family.


When youth filters out prosperity and becomes a trace of growth, these unforgettable days will be collected in photo albums, and this precious memory will also be packed into bags by students and accompanied by their growing up all the way. The leaders' cordial condolences greatly encouraged the morale of the teachers and students. They indicated that they would redouble their efforts to further consolidate the achievements of the previous military training, successfully complete the various military training tasks, and strive to report to the school with the best performance and outstanding results.