Professor Bashir Makhoul, President of the University for Creative Arts, Gave a Special Lecture to International College


On September 14, a visiting professor of our school Bashir Makhoul, the President of the University for Creative Arts, visited our school and gave a lecture entitled Identity and Creative Thinking for teachers and students in the multi-function hall of Kunluan building.The lecture was hosted by Professor Tao Tao, dean of the International College. All the teachers from the teaching and research group of art major and more than 200 students of our college attended the lecture.


President Tao presents visiting professorship to professor Bashir Makhoul


Before the lecture, President Tao Tao presented the appointment letter to Professor Bashir Makhoul to continue his appointment as a visiting professor of our college.President Tao thanked Professor Makhoul for his long-term support and attention to the development of the college.


Professor Makhoul is honored to be invited to be a visiting professor of the international college again. He said that he will continue to promote the international cooperation between the two universities and support the development of the college.


Professor Bashir Makhoul is a well-known British artist. He is currently the President, tutor and professor of the University for Creative Arts. He has been lecturer and research director of Sheffield Hallam University; University of Bedford professor, head of the department of arts and humanities and dean of the school of arts design and media; Professor of the university of Southampton, dean of the faculty of arts and dean of the Winchester campus; Vice-chancellor of Birmingham City University.


Professor Makhoul has also become the head of the academic degree assessment panel and the external auditor of universities such as Manchester, Sheffield Hallam University and hoover Hampton with his high reputation in the field of art design in British universities.


As an artist, professor Makhoul has been active in the international art world. His artworks are often exhibited in the UK and around the world, such as the United States, Australia, China, Germany, Israel, South Korea, Jordan and Pakistan. In 2013, he participated in the international art world's highest event, the Venice international art biennale, which was widely praised and recognized. He is also one of the rare art theorists who have made outstanding achievements in the field of practice and theory in the British art world. His works have been praised by the industry, and his comprehensive scientific research level has reached the excellent level in the recent evaluation of scientific research level in British universities.


In the lecture, professor Makhoul explained that creative thinking is not only a field of creativity; it is an independent part and integrated into all majors. Cultivating creative thinking needs independent study, technical innovation and interdisciplinary study. Professor Makhoul suggested that students should take reading and thinking as the main way to build a whole knowledge system with structure in independent learning. Finally, Professor Makhoul Shared the school history and education features of the University for Creative Arts in the UK. And welcome the students to study and communicate to the University for Creative Arts


Interactive Communication


In this lecture, professor Makhoul interacted and communicated with teachers and students on the spot with a witty and humorous language and a patient and meticulous attitude, which enabled the students to gain a lot.


After the lecture, President Tao and professor Makhoul discussed international art talent cultivation, teacher exchange, academic research and other related issues, and reached a number of consensus, accompanied by vice President Ms. Huang Guanhua and Ms. Fu Wanli.