The International College Welcome 668 New Students in the Fall of 2018


It's sunny and bright in autumn. Xiang’an campus was bringing with thick warmth and joy everywhere from September 10th to 11th. A total of 668 students from all over the country have entered the school with dreams and embarked on a new journey of life.

In the campus, the orientation signs, bunting and banners are all dressed up on the scene of the orientation. The orientation signs of freshmen along the way are clear and eye-catching. The security staff in uniform will command vehicles at the main intersections of the campus, ease traffic and ensure the smooth road of the school.


In the registration hall, teachers of international college check students' information on site, arrange students to live in the dormitory, inform new students of the activity arrangement after admission, patiently answer questions from parents and students to help them complete a series of registration procedure and open the colorful chapter of university life.

 Freshman registration is in good order


President Zhang Rong, vice President and general director of the orientation department Deng Chaohui arrived at the orientation site of the international college, visited the teachers and students of the college, and extended cordial greetings to the 2018 freshmen and their parents of the college.

School leaders toured the new orientation scene of our college


In order to ensure the orientation of this year goes on wheels, the college leaders attached great importance to the preparation of a rigorous and thorough orientation program, and deployed and implemented related work. On the day of welcoming the new students, school leaders such as Professor Tao Tao, party secretary Wang Yi, vice President Huang Guanhua and deputy party secretary Wu Weiping visited each orientation registration point of the international college respectively, patiently inquired about the specific work of the orientation, and learned about the registration situation of freshmen in details.


The welcome slogan, the banner, the welcome poster, the signature background board and so on arranging in the welcome spot, the campus main road, teaching building and dormitory area, lets the new student from all over the country actually felt the university's enthusiasm and the warmth. Upon registration, students not only get their student ID card, student campus card, and crest, dormitory key, but also all kinds of new materials, such as the 2018 freshmen of warm prompt collecting all kinds of telephone number which are commonly used, the use of equipment equipped in the dormitory area and related matters needing attention, intelligent power management and the matters needing attention, staff management, transport, Banks, supermarkets and other kinds of information.


The detailed entrance guide of education schedule for freshmen provides guidance and introduction to life, study and other contents after admission, so as to help freshmen to quickly integrate into college life.


What's more, the college prepares meal vouchers for freshmen every year during the new season. On the first day of school, the freshmen of grade 2018 can take their parents to experience the taste of Xiamen university canteen for free. In addition, in order to strengthen freshman connection and management, the college has established a class of 2018 international college freshmen. On the day of registration, students scan the qr code to enter the group, and the instructor can answer students' questions at any time.


Volunteers guide new students and their parents


Help new students with luggage transfer


In the process of freshman registration, college volunteers are actively involved in various service work with their sincere and thoughtful service to help freshmen to enroll smoothly. From guiding students to get off the bus to check in according to the process, to handing out luggage and helping them into the dormitory, they have introduced the college's development and registration process in detail for freshmen and parents, and answered all kinds of questions. They are the most amiable nice brother and nice sister in the heart of every freshman.


One by one to complete the registration process, watching their children become a college student, the parents were filled with joy. Mrs. Wang who is from Chongqing said, “the Xiang’an campus environment is very beautiful, teacher and student services with enthusiasm, entrance registration once done. I hope my daughter study hard and gain something useful in the future.” Mr. Wang from Hebei said, “The school environment is beautiful, students' learning and living conditions are good. We send our children to the nonlocal school for the first time. Seeing the school is responsible for the detailed arrangement, we feel relieved to send children here. And we believe that children will grow up in the international college.”


For the freshmen of the class of 2018 who just joined the international college, they come from all over the world and have never known each other. Because of the international college, they have become dear classmates and they will have known each other since their schooldays. Ye, from Henan province, said, I saw the school bus when I came out of the airport. When I arrived at the school, I could see the upperclassman senior holding the orientation card of the international college waiting for us, guiding us to register, and helping to look after our luggage. I was very enthusiastic. Zhang, from Shandong province, said: I was very excited when I first came to Xiamen University. I think the international college will be a new start of my life. I hope I can study well and live up to the time.


As of September 11, with the joint efforts of all the teachers and students in the college, all the freshmen in the class of 2018 have completed the enrollment procedure on time.Starting from September 12, the college will organize a series of activities to help new students to take the first step of university and adapt to the study and life of university as soon as possible.