The International College Class 2017 Freshman Military Training Successfully Concluded


The 2017 freshmen of the International College gathered on the Xiangan playground on September 29th. They were all ready for their final challenge—the graduation ceremony of the military training, also the final parade. The leaders of the training crew and the guard area of Xiamen, the leaders from the Chinese People’s Liberation Army that were stationed at our school, Zhang Yan, the secretary of the party committee of our school, vice-president Han Jiazhan, the assistant of the president Qiu Weijie, Chen Guang, along with the members of the school military training crew, the office workers, party and government leaders of our college, all the officers of the training crew, leading teacher and students have attended the ceremony.


The ceremony started at 8 in the morning. The troops of the International College were already well-prepared in the solemn atmosphere. After playing the national anthem, our troops walked through the platform in high spirits to receive the review of the leaders from our school and the army. The class of 2017 were filled with enthusiasm at this very moment. Their sights were determined, their bodies were steady and straight and their strong slogan filled the campus.


After the parade, the dagger exercise, stabbing exercise, the flag signal troop, the combative troop and other groups started their performances. All of the performances were excellent and kept pushing the atmosphere high up to the celling. The students of our college gave such wonderful performances that thunderous applauses were bursting out by the audiences.


The commendation ceremony was held after the performances. Many prizes were given by the leaders. The deputy party secretary of our college Wu Weiping was awarded as “Model Political Instructor”, our teacher Zhang Feixia and Wu Xinyu were awarded as “Model Teachers”, 40 students including Cao Yongpeng were awarded as “Model Students”.