Military Training Visit Review


To enrich 2017 freshmen's military training life, and show our college students' youthful vitality, on September 23, a special performance as an expression of gratitude or appreciation organized by the student union of international college in Xiang'an campus of Xiamen University was shown on the playground. Wang Yi, party secretary of International College firstly expressed sympathy to all the students. She said that although the military training is very hard, however, students of Xiamen University should be more mature in military training, and finally successfully complete the military mission!

  Wang Yi expressed sympathy to military training freshmen


The Taekwondo club brought taekwondo performances as the warm opening. The freshmen were instantly attracted by wood-playing show. Subsequently, the hot dance of the hip-hop association ignited the enthusiasm of the students, showing the vibrant and youth charm.

  Taekwondo performance


The double reed show performed by 'Qi Feng' drama and recitation club made the students cheered. Wang Yuqi and Mou Xinzheng kept pushing the atmosphere high up to the celling. Chen Nan and Chen Cheng, members of art group sang the song 'San Cun Tian Tang' together. The soothing melody made so many students moved. Mr.Yu and Mr.Li from Bole crosstalk club presented a piece of interesting crosstalk for freshmen. The humorous words attracted the audience and gained constant laughter, applause, cheers.

  Martial arts performance


Finally, the martial arts Association's martial arts performances led the students to enjoy the wonderful traditional Chinese culture which brings brilliant performance.


The sympathy of the military training enriched the freshmen's military life, making them relaxed and happy after the military training, and inspiring the morale of the new military training. We can believe that with these encouragement and support, our new students will be able to insist till the end, and successfully accomplished their first course in Xiamen University.