Good news: three teachers of International College achieved 2017 Fujian Social Science Planning Project


Recently, the results of the project of the Social Science Planning Project of Fujian Province in 2017 were announced. Three projects of International College were approved which were all youth projects. They were the Institutional environment, governance structure and family enterprise intergenerational transmission of Hong Bin, assistant professor of applied economics, master's tutor,  Institutional pressure, local resource endowment characteristics and local government debt financing research , of Chen Jing, lecturer of management,  Study on the communication mode of Chinese culture in southeast Asia under the theory of complex dynamic system of Dr. Zeng Xiaoyan, linguistics.


Xiamen University currently has 24 projects approved project, including 2 major projects, 13 general projects, and 9 youth projects. From the aspect of each subject, 12 subjects of the liberal arts obtained project approval, of which the law was awarded 7 (the province of law a total of 13 projects), the application of economic projects was awarded 3, linguistics project 3. The other Subjects achieved a total of 11 projects.


In 2017, the social science planning projects in Fujian Province were greatly adjusted. Firstly, the project type was adjusted to major projects, general projects and youth projects (including the Young Dr project). Secondly, the project funding was adjusted, and the major projects were adjusted from RMB 50,000 100,000 yuan, the general project transferred from the previous 30,000 yuan to 50,000 yuan, the youth project transferred from 15,000 yuan to 30,000 yuan. Thirdly, our province reduced the number of projects. This year the province achieved 261 projects (including 14 western support project), down 45.28% year-on-year (477 projects last year).