Guests from St. Martin Education Group in Italy Visited the International College


On September 20, Margherita Cavalli, vice president of cultural and artistic education exchange association of Florence, Italy, assistant professor of St. Martin's Education Group -St. Martin's Faculty of Arts, and Michael Wu, St. Martin Cultural Investment and Development Center Beijing Office Project Director, visited the International College and held a lively meeting on how to set up the core issues of the exchange program between the two schools.



Professor Zheng Tongtao, Dean of Overseas College of Education / International College, and Ms. Huang Guanhua, Vice Dean received the guests at the A104 conference room at Kun Luan Building. Lin Shihan, teacher of the Art prgram and Chen Jianru, the program secretary attended the meeting. Dean Zheng welcomed Vice President Margherita Cavalli to visit the International College and introduced the situation of our school in terms of running scale, personnel training and international exchanges and cooperation. He stressed that our college has paid very much attention to international exchanges and cooperation over the years, and has established cooperative relationship with the United Kingdom, the United States, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, adding up to more than 60 countries. The art and design 2 + 2 undergraduate program has been operated for nearly 10 years, cultivating more than 100 art students to make them further their study in University of Southampton and Birmingham City University. Most students continued to study in the University of London, Glasgow Master of the University School after graduation. He hoped that this visit can promote the development of the art and design program and further the absorption the advanced teaching ideas and advantages of Italian delegation, making the majorities of teachers and students benefit.


Margherita Cavalli mentioned that they feel great honor to visit the International College of Xiamen University, and hoped that after this friendly exchange, we can set up the basis of cooperation and bridge of communication. She briefly introduced the situation of the San Martin Education Group, which was founded in 1894 and currently covers three schools and one high school in Britain, America, Italy and France.


At the meeting, the two sides discussed the contents of the Italian language training and testing center, matriculation, undergraduate 1 + 2 and master 1 + 1 and other Sino-Italian art program cooperation, as well as long/short-term exchange visits and summer camp activities, laying a good foundation for the next step to deepen cooperation. Both sides gave a high degree of recognition to each other's education vision!


Campus tour and review art works


After the meeting, guests visited the teaching building and the process of running college of the International College, and the library. Vice President Margherita Cavalli appreciated the artistic qualities presented by the International College. In the library, the guests strongly appreciated the warm and comfortable environment.