A Demonstration Lecture Given By Birmingham City University


The associate professor of business studies from Birmingham City University, Ms. Cindy Millman paid a visit to the International College on October 12th, 2017. She delivered a vivid international business strategic demonstration lecture to the senior students who majored in international finance and business accountant, giving them an opportunity to experience the original English class.


Cindy was the director of international business accountant in BCU. Her study included globalization, international business strategy, international startups, the education of startup business and many other aspects. During the lecture,Cindy explained customer demand, business strategy and some other relevant knowledge point by giving many interesting examples like Master Sun’s Art of War, Starbucks and Apple, making the key points much easier for students to understand.


Cindy also introduced Birmingham City University and its business school. As she said, Birmingham City University located in Birmingham, the second largest city of the United Kingdom, and is one of the four largest universities in the city. BCU gave multi-layered educationwhich includes language, preparatory courses, undergraduate, postgraduate and the doctoral courses. BCU offered more than 350 majors and was rewarded as excellence by the QAA. The business school of BCU was the highest level of institutions approved by ACCA, CIMA, AIA and ICAWE. Besides, BCU had been the platinum approved learning partner of ACCA for the last 5 years, the bachelor degree had gotten the immunity of the highest examination, which only 3 universities of England had. What’s more, BCU was the only university in England which was approved by CIMA to have the immunity of the exam of bachelor degree for 2 years.


Students of our school knew more about the advantages of the international finance and accountant courses set by BCU and the career prospects throughout Cindy’s introduction. Meanwhile, students also concerned about the application procedure and entry requirements ofthe relevant courses in BCU. Cindy gave a detailed introduction about the credit, period, examine standards and classes to the students and answered their questions patiently.


Finally, Cindy expressed her sincere hope to the students when the lecture came to an end. She encouraged students to study hard and expressed her hope of seeing them in England. This demo classprovide students experienced the original and flexible class from England, and be well-prepared to their future plan and experience of studying abroad.